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Veterans and TBI

Military Veterans and TBI

Traumatic Brain Injury Incidents and Consequences

Since 2006, there have been 361,092 American veterans diagnosed with TBI. TBI is one of those quiet problems that many American both veterans and non-veterans suffer in America. It can range from mild to life-threatening. Treatment can be one trip to the emergency room or lifelong.

Traumatic Brain Injury was one of the most common injuries in the Iraqi and Afghani wars. There are number of ways that Americans were injured with Traumatic Brain Injury during those conflicts.

TBI was often caused by so-called Improvised Explosive Devices. Motor vehicle accidents were also a significant problem during the conflicts.

By far the greatest cause of TBI injuries was IED’s.


The Veterans Health Administration has developed a system of care to treat veterans who suffered TBI. Treatment can be for TBI alone or in combination with other injuries and health conditions.

Treatment may be given at one of many specialized rehabilitation programs within this system of care. Local VA Medical Centers or community health care providers also treat veterans for TBI.

Treatment centers around symptoms that will cause veterans the most problems in their daily lives.

This treatment might include the following:

  • Medications
  • Learning strategies to help with behavioral and cognitive problems
  • Rehabilitation therapies, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech language therapy
  • Assistive devices and technologies


Support for veterans suffering from TBI is extensive. Veterans can be eligible to up to 100% disability payments. Compensation can be from $133 to more than $3300 in monthly benefits. Veterans should investigate their possible veteran disability compensation.

You can find a significant amount of information concerning Traumatic Brain Injury suffered by veterans at The Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center. You can also find it at the Center of Excellence For Medical Multimedia.

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