Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness
Support for Victims of TBI

Traumatic Brain Injury Support

For victims of a traumatic brain injury, the injury is not just traumatic but also dramatic. While mild concussions can be overcome, moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries take time and support.

Support Groups

That support can come in different forms at different times. One of those forms is a support group. A support group are people who have common experiences our concerns. For a victim of TBI, the victim can become a member of one of these groups and his or her caretaker can also become a member.

These groups provide its members with comfort, advice, and encouragement. Members often need emotional support for their problem or for the problems that all TBI victims suffer.

TBI victims can feel alone and isolated. They feel that other people do not understand what they are going through. Support groups can offer them comfort and understanding.

Support groups do not substitute for individual psychological therapy, but they provide needed comfort for those going through similar experiences.

Support groups do not provide medical treatment. They are, thus, not covered by medical insurance. Usually, they are free or charge only a small fee. Often, they are supported by hospitals, religious institutions, or nonprofit agencies.

The basic format of a support group is a small group of people, often 10 or less, who meet on a regular basis to discuss their problems, their experiences, and to provide mutual support. The group leader may be a layperson who acts as a moderator.

The benefits of a support group include:

  • Helping patients realize they are not alone
  • TBI victims meet others who have the same problems
  • The TBI victim finds comfort in the revelation that there are others like them

Support Organizations

There are many formal organizations that also provide support for the victims of traumatic brain injuries.

This support includes increased public awareness, research, treatment, and efforts to improve the quality of life for all those affected by a brain injury.


These organizations work to increase access to quality healthcare. They strive to increase understanding of brain injuries. They provide a network of support organizations including state affiliates, local chapters, online support groups, and local support groups.

They can provide a place to rent, place to ask for help, place to recommend a doctor, a therapist or a clinic.

They provide knowledge, education, advocacy, and help build networks. They work to provide for the needs of TBI victims.

List of Support Organizations

  1. Brain Injury SocietyBrooklyn, NY 11230 — Telephone: 718-645-4401
  2. The Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon PO Box 549, Molalla OR 97038, Telephone: 503-740.3155;
    Toll-Free: 800-544-5243
  3. Brain Injury Resource Center
    Telephone: 206-621-8558
  4. Brain Injury Info Referral & Resource Development—
  5. org
  6. Central Florida Brain Injury Support Group
  7. Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors Network Development Project
  8. Mouth Magazine
  9. TPN Inc., The Perspectives Network – PO Box 1859, Cumming GA  30028-1859 – Voice/Fax: 770-844-6898
  10. TBI Support Fund
  11. TBI Club of Portland Oregon. (503) 248-1955 
  12. Traumatic Brain Injury
  13. Trident Head Injury Support Group — 1812 Sam Rittenberg Blvd., Ste 6, Charleston, SC
    Telephone: 843 852-5550 ext.14 or 843-881-1214
  14. Traumatic Brain Injury Resource
  15. HansonHouse TBI ClubhouseTelephone: 440-234-9900 — email:
  16. Hickok Center for Brain Injury, Inc,.274 N. Goodman St, Suite C-264, Rochester, NY 14607-1154
    Phone: (585) 271-8640 — Fax: (585) 271-8688 — email:
  17. Hy Feinstein ClubhouseLong Island Head Injury Assoc —
    Telephone: 516-543-2245 –
  18. Jodi House625 Chapala St, Santa Barbara, CA 83105 –
    Telephone: (805) 563-2882 ext: 2
  19. Opportunity Project – Telephone: 973-921-1000
  20. Midwest Brain Injury ClubhouseChicago Ill – Telephone: 312-932-1120

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